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>> live, local, late-breaking. everywhere you are. >> crunch time on capitol hill. we are ability days away from big government defaulting on its loans. -- two days away from the government defaulting on its loans. lawmakers say they are close to an agreement. will it get done in time to meet a tuesday deadline? we have tonight's big story.
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>> even though senate majority leader harry reid is on board, it is not a done deal. with the clock running out, hope for a new deal. lawmakers struck down a debt plan by democrat harry reid. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said progress was being made toward a bipartisan agreement. >> we had a good day yesterday. the president and the vice president called me. >> the compromise taking shape raises the nation's borrow when limit passed the 2012 -- 2012owing limit passed the tw elections. >> this is the first time in my lifetime that we are paying for future debt increases dollar for dollar. >> there are lots of things that are not filled in and many more
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discussions to go. it is hard to say anything specifically. >> a senior white house adviser says there is still a lot of work to do. >> it is incumbent on congressional leaders to compromise the last bit so that we can have a deal. democratic lawmakers were briefed on the status of negotiations with republicans. >> confused by the dead ebay? you are not alone. we have a -- debt debate? you are not alone. local leadership is speaking of. anthony brown spoke with wbal about the impact of reaching a deal would have on maryland. >> failure to increase the debt ceiling in washington would result in a down 34 maryland's
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aaa credit rating. it would mean less money for infrastructure investments and it would have an impact on job creation. >> failure to raise the debt ceiling could drive up interest rates. the governor and lieutenant governor sent a letter to washington urging lawmakers to reach a compromise within the next 48 hours. the number of foreclosures could increase. a group of judges may foreclosures the focus of an annual convention in baltimore. >> the national bar association consists primarily of african- american attorneys and judges. its annual convention is in baltimore this week. the first event was about our -- about foreclosures this week in finding ways to help minority communities to become informed about their rights.
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by mark -- minorities are disproportionately affected by foreclosures in maryland and across the country. >> what we are seeing is that there is a direct correlation between unemployment and foreclosure. there is a direct correlation between simply having other challenges in your lives, be health care and the like. -- be it health care and the like. if we get a cold in the country, minorities get the flu. >> the fear is that the number of foreclosures will rise in the future because jobs -- jobs and the economy are still shaky and banks are finally starting to get to the foreclosure paperwork. we are live in downtown. >> another hot one today.
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temperatures in the 90's. the humidity was somewhat tolerable. if you were out for a. of time, it was not tolerable. if you look near the top of the screen and off on the eastern shore, you see a couple of spots moving through. they might see a couple of showers and a rumble of thunder. any brain activity this evening will be in the south. -- any rain activity this evening will be in the south. i will detail that along with the temperature is coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast. >> the body of a missing boater was discovered today. charles ryder jumped into stony
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creek this morning. natural resources police officers are investigating two boatin accidents. -- boating accidents. another person was taken to the hospital when a boat overturned this evening. we now know the name of the man whose body was found inside of a car friday morning. he was found around 11:00 a.m. friday morning. police say he had been shot. his body was placed in the trunk. there is no word on a suspect or a possible motive. a house fire in northwest baltimore is under investigation. police responded just the 4:07 a.m. this morning. the fire was quickly brought under control -- just before
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7:00 a.m. this morning. >> this will be one that people talk about for years to come. >> tropical storm don does not bring the water texas desperately needed. desperately needed.
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>> 40 trees mark the spot where flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania. trees were planted to honor the heroes that kept the trees from -- the airplane from crashing into the white house. >> for the first time, we represent in a physical way,
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the identity and the humanity of all of those who perished. >> memorial officials say construction is on schedule. phase one will be ready for the 10 year anniversary. president obama says he is appalled by the violence and brutality the syrian government has aimed at its own people. dozens have been killed ahead of the muslim holy month of ramadan. demonstrations calling for the ouster of the syrian president are expected to increase during ramadan, which starts monday. we could soon learn the fate of two hikers charged with spying in iran. the pair could be freed within one week of a court order. even if the court reaches a guilty verdict, the time the two have spent in iranian custody is
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enough. one prisoner was released last year due to medical reasons. some towns are being forced to find unpleasant water sources. >> lots of rain to the south of us. a little bit of rain has been reported to the east. we will see what happens with the insta-weather plus forecast. the sun is shining. the humidity
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>> it is so dry in texas that cattle and crop losses are expected to affect prices. the price of soybeans have gone -- has gone up 4%. the lakes are bone dry. one town built a plant to
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recycle sewage. >> the quality of water we will be producing from this facility is water that you could deliver to somebody's tap . >> the galveston bay is saltier than usual, which could kill this year's oyster harvest. >> it is dry year in a different sort of way. the humidity is down. that made 95 seem not quite as sweaty. when it is 95 or 98 degrees, it is hot out there. on radar, we have seen a little bit of activity on the eastern shore. it has been isolated and spotty. it comes and goes. there are differential temperatures between the land and the water temperature.
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some of this may sweep by to our northeast this evening. the minute the sunshine says, this activity will disappear. 90 was the high today at the airport and the harbor. typically, it is 87. we did not make the record, which is 102 degrees. we have had 23 90 + days. we are moving into august, which could be a hot month. the areas you see shaded in the red west of the bay, there have been spotty showers and activities. it is in the 70's and 80's in the mountains. here are the big stories in the carolinas this evening. here is the little disturbance in new york state and in pennsylvania. it is drifting to the southeast.
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the northeast corner of the state may be clipped by that this evening. most of that is drive this evening. all of the humidity is down to the south. -- most of that is dry this evening. we have on again and off again reign chances. the storm that forecasters -- we have on-again and off-again rain chances. all of the computer models want to develop this storm into some form of a tropical storm. it will be named emily if it does develop. it will be tracked over the next three days. it should be going over the bahamas in the next three days. one forecast model puts it up to a category four hurricane.
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tonight, mostly clear here. isolated thundershowers to the east of us. like southwest winds. in the city, it will be in the 70's. a weak disturbance coming in tomorrow. 92-97 the temperatures tomorrow. there will be a chance for rain tomorrow evening. it will be overnight tomorrow night. tuesday looks like a dry day. the forecast tomorrow is 95. perhaps a bit more humid. tuesday, essentially, a dry day. temperatures around 90 on thursday. late friday in to saturday, we could see some thunderstorm activity. temperature's only around 90 with a little more humidity. >> you can get the forecast on
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facebook delivered to you. pete is here with some shaping of the roster.
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. ravens cheering for their beloved tight end. heath signs a two-year contract
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with the cardinals. they are losing a cherished member of the community. the company to examine the needs versus the wants. he loves to throw. the cards tweeted, great. heath did approach the ravens about receiving the offer from arizona. the ravens signed leech to a three-year, $11 million contract. by adding him, they have added someone who paved the way. he replaces a player who was a
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hybrid running back. the orioles are busy saturday. guthrie remains with the orioles. the bronx trying to salvage a split. jeeter's de gets worse. -- day gets worse. he drilled him on the middle finger. a pure lack of non- concentration. bases loaded for gardner. all three in the pen strives
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make their way home. the orioles are -- all three in pen stripes make their way home. phelps will remain a force in london for the 2012 games. adrian held up the rest of the world down the stretch. he said he had been able to gather more motivation there than he already had. nascar is stopping at the indianapolis motor speedway for the 18th time. no hard break in the final turn. in the neon yellow, the lead is given up with nine laps to go.
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the quiet reserved driver of the legendary racy family finally finishes first. -- raising family finally finishes first. stay with us. 11 discontinues after this. 11 discontinues after this.
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>> it is still nice not having as much humidity as arizona.
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>> it is lower than it has been in the past few weeks. there are some new isolated storms in pennsylvania. there is some activity on the eastern shore. east of the day could still see something this evening. -- the bay could still see something this evening. we could see scattered or isolated storms. tuesday looks dry. wednesday we could see some rain. then it stays warm. only 90 around the average. our friday night and saturday. >> thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute >> stay connected with us on
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>> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial. >> we welcome the baltimore ravens back to the playing field. the end of the nfl lockup is the beginning of the 2011 football season. we are certainly glad the work stoppage is over. fans follow the progress of the talks. players participated in various work out. now then an agreement has been reached, we can breathe a collective sigh and say let the games begin. since their arrival in 1996, baltimore fans have welcomed nfl
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football with open arms. this year will be no different. even without training camps being open to the public, the aurora -- the roar of the crowd will cheer on our team. will cheer on our team. there is
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